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. since the us secretary of state street to riyadh to reassure the saudis to their historic relations with washington are intact. we do it and that's the message bible in jerusalem on wednesday. is there a rainy and it was part of the west will be asking to be asked and gets his due date. let's start the other in the new store and say hello once again. thanks ross but let's take a look at the headlines we are covering up taking the unusual. we start with a minute's silence is false but that's either of these great yet but it's the french national assembly that last a tragic returned from physical things of eugenics. but today molly are broke back to paris. just know that it will take three of the unthinking create a ripple of self doubt when she won the gold bikini is still the democratic republic of congo the end of twenty three see's the rebellion inside a tunnel and see the gold through political means still talking about tolkien you and the arab league peace envoy elect governing insists no day to get sick much delay geneva to the syrian peace talks. as raffles and his regime cont
to watch it all started out on the up coming up on us and afghanistan looks like after western troops to pull out as elders in kabul votes he played fifteen thousand years the troops down another decade. because i just went to the case of problems we are one year. french forces there pulls out the taliban are in bold with government forces seemed the least schools have closed. his return to taiwan but inevitable for twelve years on. are we witnessing and analysts warned you'll see an exclusive report. and if asked. to date. we'll also be checking in with how avoiding harm and he'll watch segment he's been in the newsroom and say hello once again thank you toss well. these are the headlines. t people arrested in london on to the discovery of three women can they save the health care system decades. all the sites indicates his involvement that said france's interior minister on to the rest of us that hiking back up in connection with recent shootings impacts. among the pike been ringing in arsenal to the ica is that the fighting members of the comedy great announcing the state shape for
into the offices of fourr needs. he with me on sat to skate sneezing fun in the story for us to a cave second and the general the chief prosecutors say address the media that open and you're done with it yet well the main thing that but he told us was that they have confirmed almost certainly that all these incidents that occurred throughout the day of the work of one soul gunmen said descriptions of the gunman at the vets to look at the difference and then the man who's who was seen as officials the se all week to the same man was hit pretty that he could still thought of him from security footage i've heard of barrett's health physical description up and take a lesson. but the solution is to get the money owing on the beaches and witness resulted in eggs that we can describe the male suspect of european appearance aged between thirty five and forty five standing behind the screen will meet at seventy one and eighteen drain pan. with this hasn't changed. they say will prevail and about the brutal artful. in terms of what you're wearing that dress offices there were reports of the recalls hav
they sound intelligence officials say they needed the pakistani taliban has been killed in a suspected us drones truck humans are causing to put a dent in the pas. this time in sentences that to be planning his funeral. the resistance from the syrian opposition peace envoy. he was against new delays in peace talks sharon's departure is the main obstacle to getting all psyched to the negotiation table. in reality he is in washington president obama for assistance be back later and said to finance a country suspected cause of the growing unrest that the war. yes this developing story coming out of the us the suspect is said to be in custody until sunday's international apple. today is friday after reports of the shooting. it is coming in. at least i can find today at the scene at terminal three. in a tree our stations ms beamer springs will equal a multi patient incidents drain and into reports of multiple victims we'll say they had about a dozen gun shots from inside the security gates. and flights have now been halted as that is yet to deposit for an a. his presence is said to be in touch
's choice. what we were early show us the fact that there were to go through all this time the budget minded in your body but which matched up on doing that at all but given that may not speak and when to admit that the head at that time that day with that outlook would be on monday. they cannot fool you. but he ended up but she added. he was contended that he is nameless look good because we caught most of them looked but at the shebang. he donates to an opposing group within the target by and right now the bike lane undivided. well we all were. sixteen. she and her neck to neck looks which are operating to our common on to what is up and i will be information that we're getting word that they not try to become the cheap but the act opposition to watch the uninvited to me of that idea though and was given to the er today they bounced back. which is a law which holds a lot to get tool one that i am there a lot to be getting in on the record to go to support. the asylum that huge people. he he he. i mean sweat making progress but it's stuff that's iran's foreign minister and the dates its med
of the nice awful storms on record to make full use and sweat say that vietnam and into china un judges ruled in company b is faith and a land dispute with thailand. this is the decision sparked violence in nearby villages. i'm told that enron field a bright smile that would allow the whiting un inspections that the undp it she says it hit the top team in the complex to be addressed like the philippines when many people are desperate for cage cleaning or so and show that of the time to try on hats on friday. officials estimate that at least ten thousand people were killed many in the safety of time to bond which was nicely for sins according to the un as many as six hundred sixty thousand people in attendance catherine get reports peeking through the debris searching for food. difficult you are hopelessly communal one. once inside the warehouse and walls typhoon ravaged pack with mine looks more like a garbage dump in a city located in one of the philippines parties taking areas. survivors garrett becoming increasingly desperate for clean water and supplies. as a team having a tough time gett
and some sour saber rattling the east china sea that got the whole world on tender hooks the us japan and south korea. all to find a new chinese air defense identification zone now up for now the chinese holding off on further hostility. a lot of tough talk is a case of beijing's going to first. why is this fresh escalation come and go ahe so soon after the announcement of major reforms that could fundamentally change chinese society will be asking can the false identity. the study are alone in his room and say hello once again to clear product thank you cards like these on the headlines that all is it that says i'm not cool and easy to gather for some it's off to ukraine shock decision to sell plants the fact that integration another that they cautioned car ride between supports is that the muslim brotherhood and security forces. this after stringent new deal with costs which all the bands protests. thailand's prime minister calls for an end to protests of the winning end of confidence vote in parliament and it makes its destruction demonstrate to cut electricity supply to the nation
in power. and the us government makes its case for independence from per cent and says that by gaining the power to make big decisions in the nation would become more prosperous. to ukraine where the prime minister has expressed and ahmed the country becoming a battlefield that the eu and russia. a few days up to kiev put on hold and a star a trade deal with the eu. we cut out their office as stoning was most days i did and offered financial assistance in return. this is massive anti government protests continued to attend the reports. looking down on tuesday morning hundreds of pro european demonstrate to smile once again on ukraine's government headquarters in cannes. among that the monster liberation of jailed former prime minister you get to machine code saving a seven year prison sentence for abuse of power you did tymoshenko announced on monday she was beginning a hunger strike in support of the protests demonstrates is the cooling on the government through this course the ministers said they were suspending the planned trade deal with the european union see you all about ukraine
on tuesday. brady of prawns internationals is used and you point to battle with kidnapped and killed law cents a day off to interview nickel carnegie during key dow investigators appear to found a token and containing a list of fame numbers in the compound and the policies of the victims. this has led them to three individuals named to the french authorities on the ground in northern mali is one of them a member of the minutes and group al qaeda in islamic law grad the suspects had been questioned several times since may without ever being arrested and a further twist it appears that they can for them presented themselves to the french ministry forces during the year. like many rebel fighters in northern mali these men had officially trees in reconciliation following the french ministry campaign to oust islamic minutes it's in the country they named operation says all the surprise of the reform jihadis were living in a camp belonging to the white council for the unity of as the wind. and they've been painted since its glory harmony. vaughan's with copies of them mug shots and tapes and t
to two thousand and ten thousand speaking to us media baby. no actually not so said the government still has to contact about twenty nine municipalities full ban on this. many people surviving high and was just the beginning of that battle and it's nice if they'd and cleaner water shortages the us economy says residents of crappy hit areas are to submit the tax credits. in that time could not survive this accounted for just two weeks and bullets they hate to get a delicious toasted trickling in for a chance to even hold the tree flights to me then. because of that ice in some hospitals have had to shut down and there is still operating on struggling to catch the interest and sick but supply is running the eyes some people it had to be treated with honest i think the several countries are helping out by sending in field hospitals can forget how small the overwhelming waiting rooms as this cheeky name jade seek medical treatment. hospital staff i'm struggling to keep up and do difficult working conditions of the air of making them so much this weekend because we kinda confused in the eye o
are expecting as well this is us on the ground coming in and place of course johnny not the tao that can be crucial because change on defense it's a big difference in the midfield as well judging us. we see remy go out to receive the point of coming in. that could be key to mastery out its welcome by coming in. times really have no worries ballclub or even a grateful for you dancers. so there's a lot as they care for the front side and untitled change a lot of trees because of assault two of the fight for the basic lines are never talk about the defense of the trees are strong but two of them will be missing through suspension project at the desk he said i could just run out of the defensive games also be the keynote cause of hungry breathe a modest house of cards to win the battle until the feast tourist centers in the colorful mosaics that quote was also the result was taught the settled on a white city and not suprise for twenty thirteen. i thank you grandma sat down and leave your posting from the stands defaults and if you're keen to catch that day made stops at nine pm paris time k
argue that the military's using the crisis to blur the distinction between sinai militants and he gets ousted muslim brotherhood leadership violence in sinai the crackdown in cairo. it's in the false and death dates the study are those good news for sale once again to clear profit. thank you cause sweat beads on the headlines talks on iran to give fred graham received in geneva iran supreme leader ruling out any of the traits that his country's nuclear price is it repeats its taxes the search continues left to sl times in paris on monday. dna tests confirmed it was indeed a note and comment. respect just one was on the cover of sports day to keep up the fronts beat the odds are that we know when you cry that's another round of talks on iran to meet their program of time to weigh in to me that it's wednesday. if the session lasting just a few minutes back. it's time for iran supreme leader who isn't taking negotiations but has final say in his country's me in knots as we peeled red lines anything and won't locale is not to ratchet up the pressure. and unless the team reports having been
the man who had renounced his care has been arrested and charged with kidnappin talents to use force to be raised from his time. i'm a country cannot cross say about it that when we got our mom is standing by at me the chart is full time and it's another relates to a designed play and that might be all right. in fact he's been charged with not above the judge from the stump well what happened with the march twenty twelve you have that too. on the thirteenth of april you have accounted for by the red berets who are loyal to the former president att i counted two against the green berets of some again. but what's happened is that they bear with me was severely rressed these red berets and twenty of them have not been seen since. more than that for more than eighteen months and that's what the judge wanted to. yes and again he wants to know what has happened to the squinty red berets. we'll hit in the camp of the red berries and vomit cope with the families of those who have disappeared off and they explained to us that they have. for them today but it's a great day because twenty summi
and violence against women. david chance for us kids discover that while we answer may lie in the way we raise boys to the man will be talking about. in the false and death today. start the hour or so in the newsroom on a busy news monday it's a low once again to an atm. thank you from top to cover let's take a look at what's making headlines this hour in the united nations announced as the series capital position was that as time attend peace talks in geneva. the french foreign minister says eu sanctions on iraq. as early as next month as part of a new trade deal which will house. the second and thousands of being taken to the streets of bangkok pulling that has the highest part of the stuff. washington is calling on all stock stir fry them up. top story and united nations is syria's capital position will for the very best to attend his talks in geneva on jenny twenty second of the u n america and russia have been trying for months to get both sides to create a political solution to the car the infighting within the opposition as to the conditions attached these totes. the alleged agreement o
of cousins anything now let's get on a trip sunday bound together the day the un utensils us to an eclipse is also a precious lesson of my dance lessons and on about that someday as an enabler is a link and tell a private account. i did speak to and to dominate again who is in the muck to fight to date conference discussing the situation in north and he comes under the securities exchange and still not safe you have to tell citizens can a new items to protect themselves. and you also have the new clips lessons on the ground. and with it said dennis had been visiting this and since then the intervention since the town is neglected by defence forces. and i think the bus didn't stop them in disbelief that it's happening to doubt even considering that this expansion. now the guys k pot. today's images coming into us from a comic i are wet ceremony is underway for that see french tennis he was killed on saturday the ashes then people conclude that all this any being held right to fool the body isn't used to be flying by. kiat to fronts attending sent me of course is the president a printed book
welcome to watching us and jumped on the doctoring of the world this week. fifty years after the cessation of president kennedy. why does that fateful day in dallas still resonate will ask our friday panel of journalists what it means for those whoemes and bork also kind of football results change the fortunes of the nation sociologists have gone from lamenting france's first leg loss was the sign of a nation in decline. so the posting of the plot of the group after they rallied tuesday to qualify for next summer's world cup. we'll have that plus much much more in the world this week the armenians though in the newsroom that stops as an seo once again to not be a shark and pasta. these are on headlines and sound. russia's prime minister i think you need to take part in guiding the few troops to iraq taking that role could be funded by his counterparts at the break free materializes iran's envoy says the real reason for optimism. happy because three days of mourning up to the fourteen nine people die in the double collapse of the supermarket with during peak shopping outlets.
welcome to watch it all started out on us but the job coming up it's the worlds of this week ago we savored by the russian president who could afford to keep the pope we the funnest trip to rome. this after getting ukraine's president to back out of a treaty with the european union. we'll also ask our friday panel of journalists about france's decision to send fresh troops to africa. after molly to another war ravaged former colony the central african republic. we'll have that plus much more. in the world this week. the study are there in the newsroom and say hello once again to not be a sharpie planning and pasta he's on the ninth and sound european leaders that are great thanks to a landmark summit ended in bitter disappointment. ukraine has chosen most. brussels is its main business of mass the peaceful protesters in thailand and on the headquarters of the ministry to support that a couple missing in action watch. changing the way from prostitution to make and if they can build upon each custom as a mother and son sweatpants. and auntie demonstrations take to the streets. the thi
. news deal with the french freakish and can't find this is going to lead us to say john kerry initially his death the couple plan to pay and with that. you can read it the winner of the three hundred kilometers an hour that was expected to rise before it even started to look at the west bank barrier the tragedy that children can read it or not the united nations announced plans to vaccinate more than twenty million children in the middle east. in that area for the country. i was all it's funny thing is i am going to need to negotiate he reached an initial agreement on iran's nuclear program. jennifer says iran back to us. john kerry in his efforts to keep some long talks aimed at fixing it and they're easy to build weapons this exchange a partial relief. it is to be a sign of progress that she and the international media wants to buy yet. this scheduled to travel to tennessee on monday to the sickness not to be ingrained refinements. on the mall and we have now and to be very difficult and sensitive phase and headed to the text that will be published. it's just a tool to use an agreemen
americans who are using the health insurance coverage because at the affordable care act to attain it. the president says health insurance companies can continue to sell policies counseled on to his health panel for at least one more eta. simon thompson joins me now from washington and simon said bomber was in fat on him and compromise. we fumbled again run out of the program he admits it. it was a stunning appearance by the american president at a stunning conception of a reflection of the enormous amount of criticism barack obama has come in for the last few days and all jobs from its traditional republican opponents but also from traditionally loyal democrats including former president bill clinton. it's been stung by the fact that last week's three million americans to edward and fifty thousand of them in the state of colorado alive and were told that they could not keep their health insurance policies despite the president repeatedly having said in the playoffs that they would be able to it but was happy with this policy is that now president obama announcing a one hundred and ei
. and if you visit a b any other post million followers to use all the difference with india a utility that the sudden notion of independence that india was trying to strike a pose subsequently so much has changed them. i'm even though i have lived in indy on my tag buying a smaller two relating to the outside. i have seen the teaching them much more so that gradually we are happening. and i think one off b m areas in which the team has been a mom is in the position of women with it as being bored and had a kidney that cool. and radical that i will get back to appoint someone ask about that. come one man who's not of the same generation of the rest of the paddle is russell guard reconsider thirty six years old the venue of the new venue you are straight out of school. you start. itt start a new start another company than a third. and to you today. have your own business school and online business school some stone and seven yuan. people offered you the chance to go work abroad that you decided to stay put yesterday that the oven i graduated top fifteen years back i thought. it is for t
's an easy form to use the pill into my new pj's to these comments on each. two parents and one toilet in the late nineteen seventies china implemented its controversial from the planning role in the teen couples to be one told me that the few exceptions. the policy has a ton of concrete to the impulse that the court is relying on fines and in some cases for sterilization is triggering could account for each. today couples will be allowed to have two children if one of the parents is an only child. one piece major policy shift. the chinese authorities on keep it simple we deal with the population has helped speed china's economic development preventing about four hundred million births. selective abortions complaint with the mean green social preference for sons. that would have the intense and the number of new poison kills one hundred and eighteen miles one hundred females. one result of declining working age population have also forced authorities to relax the mole the chinese workers forty twenty three point two million to nine hundred and thirty seven million people in two thousa
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